samedi 25 septembre 2010

Nouveau record d'apnee blogospherique...5 mois! Quelques images ici pour feter ca ...

Nobody knows...


Moonshine at noon
Or sunshine at midnight?
From heaven above
Shines a light
Nobody knows
Nobody knows...
Nobody knows where
The light comes from!
Goran Bregovic-Underground (95) Mesecina

les cowboys #3

nouvelle figuration / circulation collaterale

"we, muslims, you know, we are not supposed to tell anyone, if we dream about the prophet.[...]Because we are strictly forbidden to describe the featuresof the Prophet, or to talk about him as someone who is SEEN. This was the Prophet's own wish, so that no man or woman would adore him or take any devotions away from God.That is why there are no images of the Prophet, no drawings, or paintings, or statues." Shantaram, Gregory David Roberts

Esfahan nesf-e-jahan

Risk : ou comment aller de paris a shanghai en 4 coups de des?